Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mortgage Refinancing Tips

Do you feel stretched by credit card bills, loans, mortgages or their high-interest payments?

Are looking around the internet for a better mortgage rate to refinance your existing mortgage or combine your mortgages into one new loan with one simple and easy to manage payment?

Are you self-employed or in sales and can't prove your income or do you have bad credit and were turn down by your bank?

If you are searching the internet for information on how to refinance your mortgage at the lowest rate on the market, obtain a second mortgage or consolidate your credit card debt into one lower monthly payment then you arrived at the right place.

At this site you'll discover the most up to date ideas, "clever little" tips, insider secrets and key techniques for successful debt consolidating, credit repair and new mortgage loan hunting.

There is no need to take time of work for appointments with your banker or a loan officer - your loan is just a click away!

I will show you how you can receive your fast approval at the lowest possible rates for your particular situation with the actual documents delivered directly to your computer's email box so you can review them in the privacy of your home!

Here are just some of the benefits you will discover by reading through this site:

NO Office Visits!

EASY User Friendly Online Secure Application Form You Can Complete in Less Than 10 Minutes !

LOWEST Mortgage Rates From Over 50 Lenders Including Your Bank!

FAST Personalized Service - Your Approval Forms Delivered Directly To Your Email Box!

I update this website daily with new information and therefore I urge you to .

I update the information at this site daily - just as the lenders update theirs!

This way you can repeatedly take advantage of new products and the great information found here... avoiding mistakes and disastrous situations, plus learning tips and secrets others only wish they knew!

Here is a small sample of money-saving tips you'll learn when you browse this site:

  • Refinance your existing mortgage to 95 or 100% of your home value
  • Combine your mortgages together at the lowest mortgage rates on the market
  • Refinance your mortgage without income verification - great for business owners and sales people
  • Obtain a 2nd mortgage up to 100% of your appraised home value
  • Get approved a Home Equity Line of Credit up to 90% of Home Value
  • Take advantage of Interest Only Mortgage up to 90% LTV
  • Learn how the lenders view you by obtaining your own credit report with a credit score before you apply for your next mortgage
  • Re-establish your damaged credit
  • Consolidate all your credit cards, mortgages & loans into one low monthly payment
  • Get one payment, save hundreds, manage your budget and breath easier...

But wait... there is more!

Many homeowners rush into mortgage refinancing without doing their homework and they get stuck with the wrong mortgage at the wrong time.

My goal is to educate my clients first and foremost!

My clients come to me from all walks of life... they are factory workers, construction workers, labourers, self-employed individuals, realtors, government employees, police officers, firefiters, nurses, doctors, dentists and also bank managers!!

There are many things you need to do before you can apply for your next mortgage.

I strongly suggest that you obtain your own credit report with a FICO score before you apply for your next loan or mortgage.

A credit score is a statistical formula that translates personal information from your credit report and other sources into a three-digit score from 300 to 900.

Your credit score is an important indicator of your creditworthiness. In general, the higher your score, the lower the probability that you will become delinquent on credit extended to you.

Lenders use your credit score to determine if you are a good candidate for credit and likely to pay your bills.

Because your credit report is updated every day, your bureau score is recalculated continuously. So your credit score from a month ago is probably not the same score today.

What is used to calculate your score?

  • Payment history - Indicates whether you have made your credit card payments, loan payments and other payments on time

  • Amounts owed - Compares how much you owe to your credit limits with various lenders

  • Length of time in file - Indicates how long you have had credit accounts

  • New credit - Shows how often you are looking for new credit and how you handle accounts you have recently opened

  • Type of credit - Considers the type of loans you have - car loans, lines of credit, credit card balances

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