Saturday, November 29, 2008

A lot changed in world of Cricket

It's been really a tough last week for everyone whether you are Canadian, American, Australian, Pakistani and definitely it was very hard for people of India. The recent attacks on Mumbai.

These attacks have not only affected our day to day life but has not spared cricket also. A lot has changed in world of Cricket, with the recent attacks on Mumbai. Finally everything is over and has started coming back to normal, but Indian Cricket doesn't seems to do so. Recent tour of England vs India has been reduced to 5 match ODIs from 7 matches. And England team had decided to leave India. Nobody knows that will they be able to come back for the test series starting December 16th, 2008. IPL tour has also been delayed from December to January but final dates have not been decided.

I'm sorry for not posting for few days, coz i didn't felt like. I was so disgusted and broke with these attacks, I didn't wanted to come and write something. Lets hope everything is back to normal and cricket resumes to it's planned schedule.

- CricVille -
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