Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Will England be able to fight back?

India v/s England 5th ODI

It's 5th ODI of the seven match series between India and England. England already have lost 4 One Days and already have lost the series. Will England be able to fight back in the fifth ODI, which will be played on 26th Nov 2008, at Cuttack?

England now have nothing to loose and I believe they should not take any undue pressure on them and try to beat India and break the jinx. English are already trying very hard to win match in India and I think this is the best opportunity for them to win as India already has won the series and will try to experiment with their team and so will not be at their full strength. So, England might have opportunity to fight back. Of the last 3 One Day International matches played by England, at Barabati Stadium, England have won all the 3 ODI's. So, we never know this might be it.

India on other hand, youngsters who will be coming back in team will try to prove their capabilities and will give away nothing to England. Hence, will fight for the clean sweep against England.

Well all I know is that, this is going to be an exciting match and I really am looking forward for it.

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Sandesh Kumar
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